10 April, 2005


At first glance, the Ozone project looks like an associative alternative to the telecoms boys. In fact, it is an attempt by a small company, working as a normal business, to take on the telecoms boys.
It is quite clever. It provides unlimited broadband Wi-Fi access on the move in Paris for 18 euros a month, using a network of linked antennas. The alternatives are either to look for free hotspots (in MacDonalds and some cafes, or unsecured access points) or to pay through the nose to the likes of Orange.
Ozone are offering free access to people who let Ozone set up a wi-fi antenna on their roof, with a connecting into their appartment. You get free broadband and the feeling of belonging to a community to boot.
But when you think about it, this comes to renting out access to your rooftop for just 18 euros a month.
The next stage will come soon. Ozone are planning to launch a mobile phone using VOIP via Wi-Fi. But Orange/SFR/Bouygues are hardly shaking in their boots. The success of Ozone depends on getting enough people to sign up, both for access and to lend their roofs.